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          Our Advantages

          60 Years Production Experiences
          Restructured from Fujian Longyan Pump Factory (a national Second-Class Enterprise), with more than 60 years of pump production experience
          State-owned enterprise technology,Stable quality
          Professional technical team,Provide product processing solutions for customers;RendezvousBStandard full performance test,Strict factory testing;
          One-stop solving water problem
          Have a self-camp casting factory,Source hand control quality,Self-operated electric control cabinet factory,Intelligent one-stop matching。
          A wide range of products,Qualification
          Indolumen、Fire and water supply series products,Qualification,Basic satisfaction、Bidding requirements for the group collection standard
          About Us

          Longyan Jiulong Water Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a well-known pump manufacturer in China. Jiulong is restructured from Fujian Longyan Pump Factory (a national Second-Class Enterprise), with more than 60 years of pump production experience, and headquartered in Longyan Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a construction area of more than 50,000 square meters. The company also newly built a large-scale pump testbed that meets the national B-level accuracy standards.
          To ensure product quality, the company equips with trilinear coordinates measuring instrument, articulated arm coordinate measuring machines, CNC dynamic balancing machine, ultrasonic non-destructive testing equipment, high-frequency infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer, upright metallurgical microscope, spectrometer and many other advanced testing equipments.
          The company has two subsidiaries—Fujian Longbeng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., and Longyan Jiulong Zhidian Technology Co., Ltd. They are high-tech enterprises focusing on precision casting, machining, final assembly performance test, electric control cabinet production, intelligent control system, and Internet of Things development.
          The company has obtained the ISO9001:2015 (quality management, environmental management, occupational health and safety management) certification, and Weapons and Equipment Quality certification. The company's High-lift Multi-stage Pump has also won the national coal safety MA mark. In addition, the fire pump and electric control system series have the National Fire CCCF certificate, and the intelligent water supply products have won the hygiene license and energy-saving certification. The company's products have also obtained honorary certifications such as national patents, national high-tech enterprise certificates, and Fujian Science and Technology Leading Enterprise Certificate.
          The company has cooperated with Minxi Technical College to establish a water pump research institute. The company has also built long-term cooperative relationships with Jiangsu University of Technology, Shanghai Fanfang Water Pump Technology Company, Beijing Cruise High Technology Co., Ltd., and many other domestic scientific research institutions to actively develop new products, such as pumps and secondary water supply equipment.
          The company's main product lines consist of:
          ? D series high lift (horizontal, vertical) multi-stage pump; CS series large flow split case & double suction pump; IS\ISG\JLW\ single-stage horizontal (vertical) centrifugal pump; IH\IHF chemical pump and other industrial and mining pumps; CNGL\CNFL stainless steel vertical stamping pump

          ? LSX series intelligent secondary water supply equipment and remote control (operation and maintenance) system; standardized intelligent pump room; stainless steel intelligent self-cleaning water tank

          ? XBD electric/ XBC diesel fire pump series; voltage stabilizer equipment for fire pumps

          ? WQ\QW sewage pump, PWT sewage lifting equipment, LSY integrated prefabricated pump station

          ? Electric control box, power starter cabinet, high and low voltage complete sets of equipment

          ? Pump station intelligent operation management system
          The company strives to drive technological innovation of products and attaches importance to the talents training plan, especially on engineering technicians and sales elite. As for product development, Jiulong cooperates with many industry technical experts and well-known domestic research institutions, learns from domestic and foreign excellent hydraulic models, and makes use of 3D parametric modeling and finite element analysis to optimize its product structure design and operation performance constantly. Jiulong consistently adheres to the "customer first, quality first" principle and insists on delivering high-quality products and services to Jiulong's valued customers.

          [concentration] 2021 jiulong pump marketing center semi-annual sales meeting [concentration] 2021 jiulong pump marketing center semi-annual sales meeting
          On the afternoon of july 10, 2021, longyan city jiulong water pump held the "half-year sales conference in the 2021 jiuqian water pump marketing center", the meeting aims to summarize the results and highlights, find gaps and insufficient, and jointly explore the development trend of industry and the next marketing strategy.
          Limited notice october 12 Limited notice october 12
          In response to the national call, the kowloon water pump strictly follow the government's orderly-mode electricity work arrangement, and implemented power-on measures as required, and due to the sharp rise in raw material prices this year, the manufacturing industry is facing multiple challenge, i hope that the customers and peers are hard!
          What do users need to pay attention to when purchasing an electric actuator? what risks should be circumvented What do users need to pay attention to when purchasing an electric actuator? what risks should be circumvented
          [china pump valve manufacturing network product selection] electric actuator manufacturer said before purchasing electric electric actuators, first look at it is used to start phase or for filtering system, then select the model as needed. some valve equipment on the market are general equipment, but in principle, it still needs to be selected according to the field of use. for some high-end venues, customized methods can be used to ensure the adaptability of the valve, the following is an instructions for the considerable number of electric actuator manufacturers when purchasing electric electric actuators. ..

          Online service


             Mobile phone:0597-2702888